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In 1972 BONFIRE the predecessor band CACUMEN was founded by


in Ingolstadt.

In 1986, based on the advice of the record company and the management, the band changed its name to BONFIRE.
The biggest success of the band was the Gold Record Award for 250.000 sold units of "Fireworks", the second BONFIRE album after the renaming. The original founder and main composer Hans Ziller is still in the band and is the only one who has the rights to the Bonfire name.

• Birthday:  18.05.
• Birth sign:  Taurus
• Birth place:  Eichstätt / Bavaria, Germany
• Hair:  dark brown
• Eyes:  green
• Favourite color:  green
• Favorite food:  Thai
• Favorite beverage:  German water
• Favourite bands:  Lynyrd Skynyrd
• Music Career:  Cacumen, Bonfire & Solo-Project EZ Livin'
• Three things to take to my desert island::  my Paula, tons of water and NO!!! telephone or PC
• My motto:  "Never give up.... life's too short!"

Hans is powered by:
  • Laney
  • Gibson
  • DiMavery
  • Cordial
  • Elixier Strings
  • Hopfenland
  • Hagstrom
  • Wonnemar

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