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In March 2019


was added as the new drummer in the band.
André Hilgers has been one of the best and most accomplished heavy metal and hard rock drummers in Germany for many years.

His impressive game is characterized by great dynamics and an incredibly forceful punch. He has meanwhile impressively demonstrated his class on numerous albums of popular bands such as "Axxis", "Rage", "Silent Force" or "Sinner" as well as at live concerts.

• Birthday:  30.08.1974
• Birth sign:  Virgo
• Birth place:  Remscheid, Germany
• Hair:  dark brown
• Eyes:  blue
• Favourite color:  black and hoey yellow... no idea why
• Favorite food:  Greek
• Favorite beverage:  Gin Tonic
• Favourite bands:  Judas Priest, Whitesnake, Pantera, Machine Head, FFDP and many more
• Music Career:  Ninja, Vanize, Mendacious Messiah, The Sygnet, Silent Force, Razorback, Empire, Axxis, Rage, Sinner, Lingua Mortis Orchestra, Herman Frank, Bonfire
• Three things to take to my desert island:  my family, flint and an axe
• My Motto:  Is that needful??? "Es küt wies küt" ...the Rhinelander would say!

André Hilgers is powered by:
  • Pearl Drums - Reference Signature Drumkit
  • Zildjian Cymbals
  • Lewitt Mikrofone
  • Klotz Kabel
  • Allen & Heath
  • Skygel Damper Pads
  • Wincent Drumsticks
  • Paopao Stickbag
  • Protection Racket
  • EMP
  • Rock Rebel

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